Investment Philosophy

We buy established small businesses and work closely with the management to ensure continuity, and build on the legacy of owners wishing to transition out of their businesses.

  • We do not run the day to day operations of a business. Instead we support and build the management team to drive results.
  • We typically purchase a 51% – 100% ownership position.
  • We believe in aligning the interests of management and shareholders. We prefer that management teams have a sizeable ownership interest in the business, and share in the success we create together.
  • We work with existing management, but will also bring our own experienced operators into a business if an existing management team is not available.
  • We use debt to finance a portion of the purchase of a business. We maintain lower debt levels than most private equity firms in order to retain cash flow to grow the business.
  • Unlike many private equity firms, we invest our own personal capital into every business we buy, aligning our interests with our management teams and shareholders.
  • We seek management teams who know their business well, but who are also willing to learn and work with us to become better managers and leaders.