We have sold our own businesses before. We understand that owners approach the selling of their business with a mixture of enthusiasm and trepidation. Here is what you can expect from us:

Confidentiality and Respect: We understand the impact a potential business sale can have on your customers, staff, and competitors. We take our confidentiality obligations seriously and respect the sensitivities associated with a potential sale.

Honest Up-front Communication: We will be clear with our expectations and our commitments and request the same of the owner.

Timely Process: We understand that from the moment a business sale is discussed until the close of the transaction, time is of the essence. The uncertainty of a drawn out transaction timeline is a stressful time for an owner. We also recognize that during a transaction the owner’s attention and often that of senior management will be distracted and the business will be impacted if the transaction takes a long time to complete.

No Surprises: We seek to form an in-depth understanding of the business in the lead up to our formal offer so that the risk of a problem coming up in the latter due diligence stage is minimized. We recognize that due diligence surprises can be frustrating to both parties.

Building Your Legacy: We know what it is like to let go of something you have spent much of your professional life building. We are only buying your business because we believe you have built something great and we seek to continue to grow that legacy.